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The new must-have application…
...to contact the owner of any vehicle through its license plate


And there are at least 100 reasons as to why you may need to contact the owner of a vehicle.
And don’t forget YOU could be the owner of the vehicle in trouble...
The WappyWap works is simple ; thanks to a mobile application downloadable on all app stores as well as a web version, it will now be possible to contact the owner of any car, van, truck or motorcycle through its license plate.
All that is required is that you are registered to WappyWap. This community of users are named “Wappers” and they send a “Wappy” or “Wappies” to each other.
Because of course, when you receive a Wappy, you can reply and "chat" with the sender.
And the cherry on top ? It's free of charge and of course 100 % confidential ! (the only info Wappers can see, is you license plate)

But what's the point ?
There is much in the way of security measures that WappyWap provides but the service does not solely enhance privacy and security.

Here are a few situations in which you may find yourself in need of sending or receiving a Wappy, whether at a standstill or while driving:

  • You hastily park as quickly as possible but park in a spot that infringes upon the tramway tracks, the exit of a car park... typical situations in which you would find yourself with a hefty fine and a trip to the police station to locate your car. Preventable with WappyWap.
  • Your car is experiencing a technical problem  (a detached part, a flat tyre, a headlight gone out,  the start of a fire, etc…) unknown to yourself but other motorists or people walking in the street have noticed and can advise you before the catastrophe occurs.
  • There has been a fire warning in which all vehicles must be evacuated, you will be the first to know about the hazard.
  • A motorists rear-ends your parked vehicle and then speeds away, a nearby Wapper sends you a message with the motorist’s license number and a photo of the vehicle (note that all messages can include photo and video attachments).
  • You have left a valuable object visible in your car (mobile, PC, GPS, purse, wallet, etc.). A well-meaning Wapper can warn you before a thief takes action.
  • Your car is being stolen or vandalised : you will be the first one to know…
  • The police are sanctioning an entire row of parked cars, well-intentioned Wappers will send the same message in one operation to warn all car owners.
  • Traffic, closed roads, diversions, accidents, speed cameras… you could find yourself notified by the community of Wappers.
  • You would like to meet the driver you saw at a red light or in a car park, just send him/her a Wappy ! Maybe the beginning of a long friendship or an intense love story ;-)
  • When buying and selling your car, WappyWap will be revolutionary, you will simply enter the car you desire and when one is listed on the database, you will automatically be put in contact with the seller. Magic !

WappyWap allows you to compose your own messages or use ready-made wappies for the situations we just explained, add a photo or video and send them with a few very quick steps.
WappyWap also provides a way of communicating without needing personal details such as email addresses or mobile numbers.
It is now obvious how useful this free application can be but here are a few facts and figures concerning Belgium only that will help widen your perspective.

Every year:

  • more than 10.000 cars are stolen
  • 5.000 motorcycles are stolen
  • 55.000 counts of items stolen from the interior of vehicles
  • more than 38.000 cars are vandalised
  • more than 500.000 parking fines are generously deposited onto the windscreen of your cars
  • 10.000 fines regarding dangerous and defective hazards on your car are distributed.

These numbers are staggering but unfortunately greater for larger countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, etc.
There are many other planned features but going into details here would take too long. To sum them up, all purchases linked to your vehicle ; insurances, tyres, equipment, etc…will be simplified and cheaper.

So how can you become a Wapper and start to send and receive Wappies ?
Download the application on any platform now or sign-up on the website www.wappywap.com.
Remember, this app is 100% free of charge, a new Belgian initiative conceived by Pressinvest with a team of the smartest developers.

France (yearly):
6.000.000 parking fines
50.000 stolen cars (+ de 300.000 attempts)
68.000 stolen motorbikes
1.200.000 vandalised cars
547.000 robberies in cars
400.000 fines for technical problems

US  (yearly):
700.000 stolen cars (incl robberies in cars) 

UK  (yearly):
50.000 stolen cars (+ de 200.000 attempts)